Counselling Services

Coping Skills & Personal Resiliency 

In the face of stress and burnout implementing effective coping skills can enhance personal resiliency, productiveness, and overall well-being. Matt works with his clients to develop practical stress management strategies that work for each individual. By focusing on emotional regulation skills, relaxation techniques, grounding exercises, and cognitive behavioural reframing skills, Matt's goal is for clients to develop a set of strategies that can be easily implemented in every day life. 

Relationship & Family Conflict 

Matt supports couples and families to develop effective communication skills and reduce tension in the family system. He recognizes that personal difficulties such as stress, grief, trauma, or concurrent clinical diagnoses such as anxiety or depression can be barriers to communication and family cohesion. By assisting clients in developing an increased self-awareness, establishing appropriate coping skills, and by implementing new communication techniques, he hopes to assist clients with developing a resilient sense of hope and belonging. 

Motivation & the Process of Change

Matt recognizes that the process of change and maintaining motivation can be difficult. He also recognizes people have personal or relational challenges affecting their ability to make positive change in their life. Matt works collaboratively with clients to achieve their goals and maintain the motivation to continue to grow.  

Self-Esteem & Acceptance 

Negative belief systems and self-defeating behaviours often contribute to feelings of low self-worth, anxiety, and depression. Matt assists clients in identifying and decreasing the debilitating thoughts, unhelpful communication patterns, addictive behaviours, and negative self-talk that may be barriers to self acceptance and personal fulfillment. 

Men's Sexuality & Intimacy

Being able to comfortably experience our sense of sexuality is an important part of how we experience intimacy and self-acceptance. Yet some people may experience confusion, shame, or even harmful behaviour related to their sexuality. Matt offers a safe space for men to discuss their concerns, develop self awareness related to sexuality and intimacy, and make desired changes to how they express themselves in their intimate relationships.  


About Matt

Matt has been a Registered Social Worker (RSW) since 2008 and holds a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) with a Clinical Specialization. During his career he has developed a passion and reputation for delivering accessible, non-judgmental, and effective mental health services. He has created and delivered mental health programming for a variety of non-profit and government organizations including Alberta Health Services, Edmonton Public School Board, Alberta Government, and Corrections Canada. Within these organizations, Matt has worked to address the systemic barriers to accessing mental health services and has been an advocate for underserved communities. 


Since moving to Victoria in 2013, he opened a private counselling practice that focuses on relationships, intimacy, men’s sexuality, self acceptance, motivation, and the process of change. Matt is an approved community mental health provider for the First Nations Health Authority, the Canadian Forces, and the Physician Health Program. He can be reached at or by phone at 250-208-9734.